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In order to underline the informative aspect of Best Brands, prior to the evening’s award ceremony is a congress during the day. At the second digital Best Brands College 2022 high-profile speakers will discuss the overriding topic of “Building Best Brands in a Hybrid World”.

The coronavirus pandemic has provided digitalisation with a major boost and, at the same time, also triggered people’s longing for real-life experiences. For successful brand management, this means that online and offline measures need to be combined, optimised and seamlessly integrated in the customer experience. But how can we effectively bridge the gap between online and offline? And how can we create a holistic brand and product experience?

During the digital Best Brands College, we want to provide the answers to all of these questions and more.

Host: Daniel Boschmann

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Agenda 2022

10 AM | Keynote: How does hybrid communication work in a crisis?

Ileana Grabitz, Dr Heinrich Wefing and Dr Heinz Bude

Ileana Grabitz and Heinrich Wefing, Department Heads at ZEIT and hosts of the podcast “Das Politikteil”, will be starting off the College with a special Best Brands podcast episode. They will be talking about how the huge social changes of the past two years and the acceleration of digitalisation have changed communication on almost all levels and also asking sociology professor Dr Heinz Bude about his experience with political communication during the pandemic. What are the difficulties facing politicians when they cannot get to their voters and what can companies learn from that?

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10.35 AM | The future is hybrid: what consumers want and how retailers and manufacturers can achieve success

Jutta Langer and Oliver Schmitz

How do your customers tick? What kind of experiences are they demanding? And how can manufacturers and retailers be better prepared? Look forward to hearing the results from the current Best Hybrid Brands study by GfK, presented by Oliver Schmitz, Head of Retail, and Jutta Langer, Vice President Consulting.

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11.00 AM | Hybrid and Holistic: the communications strategy of the future

Christian Waitzinger

One brand – one story – two worlds: If you want to impress customers, you need to offer a consistent and differentiating brand experience throughout the entire data-driven customer experience journey, whether offline or online. Christian Waitzinger, Managing Director of the Plan.Net Group, will provide you with ideas and inspiration for holistic strategy and implementation processes.

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11.25 AM | Hybrid champions: learning from the Best Brands of 2022

Erik Friemuth, TUI

How two brands nominated in the current Best Brands category ‘Best Hybrid Brand’ have managed to combine the best of both worlds and use it to their advantage. Look forward to hearing fascinating insights.

11.45 AM | Hybrid champions: learning from the Best Brands of 2022

Ralf Schmitt, MediaMarkt Saturn

How two brands nominated in the current Best Brands category ‘Best Hybrid Brand’ have managed to combine the best of both worlds and use it to their advantage. Look forward to hearing fascinating insights.

LUNCH BREAK: 12 PM - 12.55 PM

1 PM | Hybrid requires consistency in Brand Management and framework conditions

Chrstian Köhler

During the last two years of the pandemic, brands have demonstrated their ability to position themselves as anchors of trust across all channels. With coherent brand management, they have proven their authenticity and shown that they are problem-solvers. Actively changing with the times, they engage in dialogue with consumers, hence the need for a reliable framework to ensure dialogue opportunities. Are policymakers really ready to embrace the future and create an environment that offers opportunities for real brand communication – both offline and online?

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1.15PM | Media: strong partners in the hybrid world – Seven.One

Maximilian Klopsch

From one crisis to the next: today’s consumers are in a state of emotional turmoil. Now that it’s becoming increasingly important to convey values and attitudes in times of crisis, brand work and hybrid communication are proving more challenging than ever before. We will show examples of brands that have summoned up the courage to convey sensitive messages – and explain why one or two classic marketing rules are needed to do that.

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1.35 PM | Media: strong partners in the hybrid world – Media Impact

Stefan Mölling and Daniel Ritt

One for all – and all for one!

How did Einhell manage to boost sales of its Power X-Change battery division by almost 300% last year? With the Volksakku – the people’s battery. How does Axel Springer/Media Impact combine the best of different worlds with this marketing product so it can pull out all the stops for its customers’ marketing campaigns? A best case that shows why the product for the people – always individual, always innovative and always hybrid – is always the hero among brand concepts, from the original idea and design to the media planning for the different touchpoints.

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1.55 PM | Media: strong partners in the hybrid world – RMS

Dagmar Schreyer and Björn Benna

The world around us has become hybrid and audio is booming. Why? Because audio is developing and listening habits are changing. The audio experience of today is of a much higher quality. Reach and activation are being joined by another aspect: branding. What are the challenges for creatives? And just how hybrid are the new tools and services? Audio branding – the further development of the radio commercial. Allow us to present… dynamic ads!

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2.10 PM | From a purely digital player to a hybrid player

Wijnand Jongen

Why are more and more digital retailers opening conventional bricks-and-mortar stores? What hybrid retail strategies are they are focusing on? How does this fit in a with new consumer behaviour in a post-COVID retail era and what can we learn from them? Internationally renowned retail expert and keynote speaker Wijnand Jongen has the answers.

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2.35 PM | Hybrid Channels. Hybrid Platforms. Hybrid Products.

Dr Jens Thiemer

A crucial question for the success of tomorrow is how we can make products fit for the hybrid world. The automobile industry is showing us how it’s done: by turning cars into digital working and living spaces. Look forward to the talk by Dr Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President of Customer & Brand BMW at the BMW Group.

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