The Study


In the past, brand rankings have either assessed the success of a brand solely on the basis of how consumers value the brand image or only on the basis of its commercial success on the market. Best Brands is the first brand ranking that combines these two components to create transparency – the emotional aspect of the brand on the one hand and profitability on the other. What’s more, it is not the subjective opinion of a jury that decides the winners of the best brands awards; instead, the winner is determined exclusively by the consumer.

Best Brands is the only marketing prize that measures the strength of a brand against two criteria, based on a comprehensive, representative study carried out by GfK: the actual commercial success on the market (“Share of Market”) and the attractiveness of the brand (“Share of Soul”) according to the consumers, who ultimately account for the future success of the brand as well.

Since 2004 awards have been conferred in the “Best Corporate Brand in Europe”, “Best Product Brand” and “Best Growth Brand” categories. In 2005 a special category, which changes yearly, was added – in 2020 the "Best Sustainablility Organisation" and the "Best Future Tech Brand"  were awarded.




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