The Award


Best Brands – these are the brands that are commercially successful and trigger certain emotions: brands that shine, that stick in the mind of consumers and are associated with innovation and positive experiences.

Honouring and promoting successful brand management whilst also offering new, future-oriented communication solutions a strong forum: that is the aim of the Best Brands College and the evening’s Best Brands Gala, which has long since established itself as an annual highlight in the marketing industry. The event is hosted at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich by the Serviceplan Group, GfK (Germany’s largest market research institute), ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, the Markenverband (the German Brands Association), German publications WirtschaftsWoche, DIE ZEIT, RMS and Media Impact.

The stand-out feature of the event is that the winners are chosen not by a panel of judges but solely by consumers – for the award-winning candidates are determined in a complex, representative study conducted by GfK consumer research institute based on two key yardsticks: their actual economic success in the market place and the perceived popularity of their brand among consumers. No other brand ranking currently factors in both these aspects of brand strength.

The Categories


Since 2004 the award has been presented in the categories “Best Corporate Brand”, “Best Product Brand”, “Best Growth Brand” as well as a different special category that changes each year, in which the focus is on one specific industry sector. In 2019 it was the “Best Digital Life Brand” (Amazon) – in previous years the “Best Millennials’ Brand” (Nike), “Best Future Mobility Brand” (Tesla), the “Best Highest-Growth E-Commerce Brand” (Amazon) or the “Best Fashion Brand” (Hugo Boss) were chosen by consumers.

Since 2012, the “Best Corporate Brand” has also been regularly analyzed on an international level, so that in 2020 the “Best European Corporate Brand” was awarded.

Meanwhile, the marketing prize is also awarded annually in China, Italy, Belgium and France. The first event in Russia took place in April 2019.

The Winner

Best Corporate Brand

Among the winning companies: Adidas (2020, 2019), Ikea (2018), BMW (2017, 2014, 2012), Porsche (2016), Miele (2015, 2007), Amazon (2013), Volkswagen (2011), Google (2010, 2009, 2006), Lufthansa (2008), eBay (2005), Siemens (2004).

In 2020, the “Best Corporate Brand in Europe” was awarded. Alternating annually, the “Best Corporate Brand” in either a global or a European economic context has been presented since 2012. Up for the vote this year were European-based companies from Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain.

Best Product Brand

Among the winning companies: WMF (2020), Lego (2019, 2011, 2010), Nivea (2018, 2016, 2013), Coca-Cola (2017, 2014), Bose (2015), Apple (2012), Miele (2009), Canon (2008, 2007), Tchibo (2006), Adidas (2005, 2004).

Best Growth Brand

Among the winning companies: Char-Broil (2020), Lillet (2019), Lay’s (2018), Duplo (2017, 2014), WMF (2016), Nike (2015), Captain Morgan (2014), Samsung (2013, 2010, 2005), HTC (2012), Apple (2011), Mey (2009), Sony Ericsson (2008, 2007), Motorola (2006), Haribo (2004).

Special Category

Among the winning companies: WWF (Best Sustainability Organization, 2020), Dyson (Best Future Tech Brand, 2020), Amazon (Best Digital Life Brand, 2019), Nike (Best Millennials’ Brand, 2018), Tesla (Best Future Mobility Brand, 2017), Amazon (Best Highest-Growth E-Commerce-Brand, 2016), Hugo Boss (Best Fashion Brand, 2015), Chanel (Best Premium Beauty Brand, 2014), Adidas (Best Sports Brand, 2013), dm-Drogerie Markt (Best  Entrepreneur Brand, 2013), Amazon (Best Private Brand, 2012), Kempinski (Best Service Brand, 2011), Henkel (Best Sustainability Brand, 2010), Artemide (Best Design Brand, 2009), Aston Martin (Best Luxury Car, 2008), Gucci (Best Luxury Brand, 2007), UBS (Best Finance Brand, 2006), Günther Jauch (Best Personality Brand, 2005).

Detailed Insights to the Winners 2020

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