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WirtschaftsWoche is not just Germany’s number one current business affairs magazine – it has the most credibility. It elucidates the world of economics showing readers how to utilise this knowledge to benefit their personal assets and their careers. WirtschaftsWoche is both navigator and coach taking clear positions on the week’s issues.

The WirtschaftsWoche brand family gives you the unique opportunity to address decision-maker target groups in a variety of ways: apart from the magazine, the website and the apps, the media brand offers a broad portfolio of publications, direct mailings and events for the most varied target groups. Its close network of branded media channels makes WirtschaftsWoche compatible with the information and media consumption behaviour of the business elite. And that makes it an essential part of your communication with decision-makers.

The readers of WirtschaftsWoche belong to Germany’s business elite. They are decision-makers in “Mittelstand” companies, typically male, aged 30-59, more affluent than most and predominantly senior executives. They make decisions about investments, not just in their professional capacity, but also as private individuals. It is this role as opinion leaders and influential propagators – at work and at home – which makes them an indispensable premium target group.





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