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RMS. Radio Marketing Service.

The future sounds good for us - audio is by far the fastest-growing mass medium. An exciting, dynamic and innovative market that we are passionately helping to shape. With enthusiasm and curiosity for the possibilities of new technologies and formats.


With the digitalisation of transmission paths and the change in media usage behaviour, radio has evolved from a mass medium to a multi-channel audio medium. This provides advertisers with versatile new touchpoints for an individual, effective target group approach via all audio channels. Podcasts, smart speakers, streaming: audio is constantly reinventing itself. And inspires as much as ever. No medium enjoys more trust. No medium is as close to people. Potential that we make easily accessible and efficiently usable for our clients.


RMS makes brands audible - everywhere. As an audio marketer with the strongest cross-audience portfolio of live radio, online audio streams and podcasts, RMS provides advertisers with the best access to the high impact potential of audio advertising. This includes reach, quality, technology and impact evidence. With smart solutions, sound advice and comprehensive service, we inspire our clients to use the full diversity of the audiosphere in creative, innovative and successful ways. The future of successful brand communication lies in holistic concepts for auditory brand staging.


RMS. Der Audiovermarkter.



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Cord Hollender

Managing Director Sales