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Germany’s most effective marketer 

The team here at Media Impact are the fastest and most creative ‘customer whisperers’ in Germany. Together with our cooperation partner Ad Alliance, we reach up to 90% of the German population in print and digital.

As the marketer of Axel Springer and other selected clients, every day we work passionately on providing our clients with the ideal stage for their advertising message. For this, we use the cross-media power of the Axel Springer brands, such as BILD, WELT and Business Insider. We combine this impressive reach with intelligent technology and creative solutions to achieve the maximum advertising impact for our clients. Innovative event formats round off our 360° marketing offer.

We see ourselves as problem-solvers and showcasing experts who not only think in a cross-media and target group-specific way, but also move people with emotional storytelling. Regional branches close to our clients, agile working methods and cross-functional team structures help us to be more of a speedboat than a tanker.


Our strength always lies in the combination of (quality) reach with technology and/or creation.

We showcase your brands in an integrated way – using the channels of print, digital and also events. Innovative event formats are an important part of our 360-degree marketing.

Thanks to our tech solutions, we can maximise the contact quality and advertising impact for our clients.

We see ourselves as problem-solvers, listen attentively and think in a cross-media and target group-specific way. Storytelling is in our DNA, due to our connections to Germany’s best journalists.


Carsten Schwecke & Julia Wehrle


Media Impact & Axel Springer All Media


media impact

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